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Everyone wants a reliable and convenient tutoring platform…

As convenient as this view

We are NOT a subscription model. We believe that you should only pay for what you get, we would hate to charge you money when you aren’t even using the platform.

That’s why Solvr operates as a Pay As You Go model.

This way, we can ensure that you are only paying for what you want, and payments are not occurring when you are not using the app

With Solvr, the timing is up to you. You can use the app whenever you want, there are no fixed timings.

As a Solver, you can log on whenever you feel and help as many students as you like.

As a Learner, you can upload a task whenever you want and have Solvers apply immediately to help you out. We want to minimize the effort it takes for you to receive help, that’s why Solvr is tailored to your timetable.

We are always updating the app based on the feedback you give us in order to make it more convenient for you to use. If you are having any problems at all with the platform, do let us know at

Subscribe to our email list as well if you want to get notified whenever we update our app or add a cool feature!

We will always be transparent with you, honesty is one of our core values. We also will work tirelessly to ensure that you’re having a great experience on our platform. Your feedback is not only okay but it is also recommended! Whenever you have something you would like for us to add or remove, just send us an email!

The app is designed for you… so just download it :)



Solvr | Revolutionizing the Tutoring Industry

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