Solvr — Affordable Pricing

The fact that you set the price is the game-changer

Look, as a student, you want more flexibility when it comes to receiving tutoring or academic help. With Solvr, we give you just that, let’s dive into it.

You get to set the price. Instead of constantly finding a tutor who charges the right amount that works for you, just set the price you’re willing to pay. This way, you get to receive help for the amount that fits your budget.

Not only do you save money and time, but you also get to pick from a list of tutors who have applied to help you on your budget. You’re the priority!

You get to put money into your wallet before you upload a task! Instead of getting charged from your card at different timings, you get to upload a certain amount of money into your wallet for tasks. Then the money you pay with will be from your wallet money.

This guarantees your payment security and ensures you are only paying however much you are willing to and aren’t getting charged extra.

So before you upload a task… Top Up any amount of money you want in your wallet!

Be both a Solver and a Learner! Hesitant about spending? Spend what you make! Instead of having to spend money all the time from your own savings, you can just spend what you earn from tutoring other students.

Since you can be both, a Solver and a Learner, just tutor some students to make that extra cash. You can then use that money to receive tutoring from other students.

It’s a Win-Win!

Solvr is releasing and will be available very soon.

Tell your friends about Solvr and how it can change your entire high school experience. Tutor and make money, receive affordable school help on your budget… you can even do both.

Tell your school friends and help get the word out!!

Check out our website here!



Solvr | Revolutionizing the Tutoring Industry

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