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This is gonna be good I tell you

The app just got a lot safer! Now, there is two-factor authentication to ensure that whenever you want to withdraw money, it is actually you withdrawing it.

We will simply send a code to your email and give you a timeframe to enter the code into the app. It’s quite standard and is only there to ensure all your information is only accessible to you.

Learners… this is just for you,

Since our mission is to create a way for you to receive academic assistance in an instant, we have added this urgent feature. When you’re uploading a task, you can simply press the urgent button, which sends a notification to almost every tutor on the platform and informs them that you have an urgent task. You should get applicants within a minute or even a few seconds!!

Instead of constantly wondering when your task is being done or whether there Is a task on the platform for you to solve, you will now get a notification!

The wait is over, we finally have added this for you! So now, whenever there’s an opportunity for you to make money, you will receive a notification that will inform you a task is ready.

Check it out, this specific feature is already there!

This is has been the most recommended feature on our platform, we have now finished the hard part and will be getting the new update out very soon! Soon, you won’t have to enter any bank information in the app, you will have an alternative choice of using PayPal as your go-to withdrawal method.

There will also be an option to pay using PayPal, this will be an alternative to what we have now which is simply inputting a credit card.

Hot hours are for you, Learners. We have decided to up the game a bit by introducing Hours during the week where you are guaranteed to get a response within 6 minutes. If we fail to guarantee you this, we will put 10 dollars in your wallet.

The Solvr Hot Hours will be from Monday — Wednesday— Friday from 5 pm to 12 am!

We will post an Instagram story the week it starts, so stay tuned!

If you haven’t checked out Solvr yet, check it out here!

If you’re new to the blog, welcome! This is a place where we announce new features and any important information about Solvr!

Stay tuned, we post quite frequently! If you have any inquiries, please email and we will be sure to reply right away!



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