Peer to Peer Tutoring

A Complete Game Changer

Here’s the upfront truth… your high school life will never be the same after Solvr is released,

There, I said it.

Your school experience will change drastically…for the BETTER

But that’s the whole point! We were sick and tired of the way the entire high school system was lacking. I mean many things like extra help, tutoring, outside resources, and personalized help was a complete headache to figure out.

I mean, you’ve been there… that late night where you were stuck on that one chemistry problem and couldn’t find personalized help anywhere,

Or, that one time when you were up late studying for a test and wanted someone to help you out but couldn’t call up your tutor because… why on earth would they pick up at 11:30 pm on a Thursday night.

A platform where high school students can help each other academically and be rewarded financially is the solution to your very problems!

A platform that solves your problems

We’re doing this because… students deserve it,

Look, we actually understand you. The majority of our team are in high school and Solvr was literally co-founded by two high school students.

So we actually understand the problems you face day to day in school because we face them as well. We just want to give you the best solution:

A smooth, simple, effective, and rewarding experience

The truth is you need this, I need this, and millions of students worldwide need this. It’s as simple as that. So we’re creating it.

Our vision is to create a platform that solves the everyday problem many high school students face and keep innovating our platform in order to cater to the needs of every student around the world.

You’re apart of our journey, so follow us to stay updated with the latest Solvr news!

And… as always, you can pre-sign up here!



Solvr | Revolutionizing the Tutoring Industry

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