How Taxes Works With Solvr

1 min readAug 11, 2021

Shouldn’t be complicated


We work with Stripe!

To be completely candid, dealing with your tax information would be a lot of pressure on us because not only is it a matter of privacy, but we would also hate to get the amount wrong in some server-side error.

Since we work with Stripe, the tax information is not on us, once you withdraw your money, it is your responsibility to pay the eligible tax amount.

I would honestly just speak to your bank and record it as income, but if you want, withdraw it periodically, you might not have to pay as much tax while the rest of your money sits in your wallet. DISCLAIMER… WE ARE NOT GIVING TAX ADVICE OR BANKING ADVICE

We have to legally say that ^^

But in all seriousness, speak to your bank if you’re confused about how to record your withdrawals as income.

So just to be clear, we don’t collect any tax information on you, or have any involvement with the process of you paying your tax.

So if you have any questions at all, do email us at and we will be sure to answer your questions right away!




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