Gamification Update

Just wait till we add this update…

Tutoring has been the same for the past 30 years, it’s boring and somehow manages to just “get the job done”.

What if, instead, we made it more of a game? Wouldn’t that be more interesting, where you get rewarded for tutoring others as well as for receiving tutoring?

What if, you could win awards and point badges, that would level up your profile and enable you to receive financial rewards, or Amazon gift cards, or something really cool…Concert tickets?

Wouldn’t that be cool? Every task you solve as a Solver and every task you upload as a Learner, has a set amount of points, the more points you win, the more awards you receive. This brings me to the leaderboard…

Now, since each task is worth a given amount of points, we will have a leaderboard displaying the top 5 Solvers on the platform.

It will show the Solver’s name, points, and any achievements they have earned!

This leaderboard gives you a chance to win all sorts of prizes, ranging from gift cards, concert tickets, and even Solvr credit. You will also get featured on our Instagram and Twitter page, your accomplishment will be showcased!!

Every month, we will display our Solver of the month on our Social Media pages. They will also be given a badge along with a lot of points! Since our leaderboard shows the top Solvers, the Solver of the month will be given the spotlight at #1.

We want to make tutoring a fun experience along with a quite competitive one. Learners on our platform will have access to the leaderboard, so they will check to see if your name is up there as well!



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