A Complete Game Changer

Here’s the upfront truth… your high school life will never be the same after Solvr is released,

There, I said it.

Your school experience will change drastically…for the BETTER

But that’s the whole point! We were sick and tired of the way the entire high school…

You’re gonna like this…

Learners — Gift Cards and More

We wanted to add some incentives for you Learners out there.

You can now get amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, solvr credit in your wallet, and many other prizes. We may even throw concert tickets in there. …

This is gonna be good I tell you

Two Factor Authentication

The app just got a lot safer! Now, there is two-factor authentication to ensure that whenever you want to withdraw money, it is actually you withdrawing it.

We will simply send a code to your email and give you a timeframe to…

Shouldn’t be complicated


We work with Stripe!

To be completely candid, dealing with your tax information would be a lot of pressure on us because not only is it a matter of privacy, but we would also hate to get the amount wrong in some server-side error.

Since we work…

Hey Learners… this is for you!

Descriptive Title & Description

The first thing you should do is make sure your task is clear. The Solver should know what specifically you need help with so that you can receive great quality of understanding.

Something like “Calc help” might be too vague for the Solvers, but…

Just wait till we add this update…


Tutoring has been the same for the past 30 years, it’s boring and somehow manages to just “get the job done”.

What if, instead, we made it more of a game? …

Everyone wants a reliable and convenient tutoring platform…

As convenient as this view

Pay as You Go

We are NOT a subscription model. We believe that you should only pay for what you get, we would hate to charge you money when you aren’t even using the platform.

That’s why Solvr operates as a Pay As You Go model.

The fact that you set the price is the game-changer

Look, as a student, you want more flexibility when it comes to receiving tutoring or academic help. With Solvr, we give you just that, let’s dive into it.

You set the price

You get to set the price. Instead of constantly finding a tutor…

#1 Put your phone away!

Turning do-not-disturb on and placing your phone in your drawer for an hour will enable you to get such a productive studying session.

You may not realize it but we often find ourselves picking up our phone every 7 minutes to check Instagram, Snapchat, or any other distracting app.



Solvr | Revolutionizing the Tutoring Industry

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