5 Effective Ways to Study a lot Better and Faster

4 min readApr 8, 2021

#1 Put your phone away!

Turning do-not-disturb on and placing your phone in your drawer for an hour will enable you to get such a productive studying session.

You may not realize it but we often find ourselves picking up our phone every 7 minutes to check Instagram, Snapchat, or any other distracting app.

Now I know what you’re going to say, “But I listen to music!”.

Look, there are plenty of other ways to listen to music without using your phone!

A couple of alternatives would be using wireless headphones, listening to music through your laptop, using an iPod, or just not listening to music for only an hour!

Look it’ll be tough, like very tough, but give it a shot because I’m telling you, you will not regret it. So shut that phone off and leave it alone for an hour. It’ll do wonders!

#2 Study In a Quiet Area

Listen, too much noise is so distracting!

Like we don’t realize it but that constant noise of the dishes, or people talking, or even people sometimes breathing very loudly can lead to us losing our focus and momentum.

Now there are two ways of solving the issue, one is very practical and two is a long shot. Let’s start with the first one.

The first one is moving to a quiet area, it could be your room, basement, family area, or even the basement.

By simply eliminating the extra noise and distractions, you can improve your focus immensely.

The second one; however, is telling everyone to get out and go find their own place to socialize.

Now I would not recommend this, you may have family members who would agree to request and leave; however, I would not risk it, there are just simply way too many cons. So, take it from me, just stick to the first option.

To sum up, find a quiet area where you can assure you will not be disturbed with extra noise and added distractions so you can focus on your study session.

#3 Make a Detailed Plan

The best and most effective way to study is to know what you are going to be studying and what exactly you will be doing.

If you just block out an hour to “study”, you won’t really get much done because you’ll either be doing a little bit of everything which will result in not getting anything done, or you will spend a majority of the time figuring out what to do.

So to solve this problem, it’s simple.

Just decide what you are going to be exactly doing for an hour.

Maybe it’s homework on pages 103 to 107 or even an assignment that is due the next day. So just make a detailed plan and stick to it.

#4 Talk and Explain Concepts to Yourself

Sometimes, I know it sounds weird…

but what can really be helpful, is explaining concepts to yourself or an imaginary friend who could be sitting next to you trying to understand Calculus or WW2.

This is called rubber ducking…

Don’t ask me why they named it that, I don’t know…

They say if you can teach a subject, you know it well enough.

So my advice to you would be to every 10 minutes of studying, pretend there is someone there who has no clue what the subject your studying is about, and then get up for two minutes and explain the subject thoroughly.

I guarantee you, this method will not only help you understand your subject but will also help you memorize key concepts.

So to sum it up, talk to someone who doesn’t exist in your room and explain concepts that you are studying for two minutes every 10 minutes.

Oh… and also don’t do it so loudly otherwise your family members or roommates will think you’re crazy.

Unless you’re like me and everyone already thinks you’re crazy

#5 Check out Solvr

Maybe you’re studying for a test the next day, or you want to discuss your assignment with someone to ensure it is perfect before you hand it in.

In this case, your best option would be to download Solvr from the app store and connect to a tutor from anywhere in the world.

This simple yet effective tip will allow you to ensure that you are most prepared for that test tomorrow or that question you were stuck on. You see, with Solvr, you can have a tutor help you out with that take-home assignment you were struggling with. The best part about it is that, instead of paying 45 or 50 dollars, you are paying however much you want.

You can handle it over a step-by-step solution. To learn more, click on the link below!


In short, just make sure you are working in a distraction-free environment and talk to your imaginary friend to explain complex concepts.




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